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I am a Russian but currently working and living in East London as an escort. It is a widely known fact that there is a certain type of stigma attached to people working in the London escort industry. Some people believe that escorts are prostitutes while others believe that escorts are lazy people who don’t have anything else to do. However, that is not true. Escorts are highly professional. We offer our services not out of desperation but because we love what we do.

One thing that most people don’t understand is that escort is just like other professionals. People pay to be offered certain services just like any other business.

As a London escort, I am proud of my job and I don’t allow negative comments to prevent me from doing what I love to do. Most of my colleagues have chosen to keep their identity anonymous (and that is totally understandable considering the stigma surrounding this profession) but I have chosen to come out open because I believe we have to put this stigma to an end.

I have worked as an escort in London for more than five years and can proudly say that this is a great profession. Thanks to my job, I have interacted with people from all walks of life and learned a lot from them. I have also visited many exotic destinations in London that many people only dream of and the good part about it all, it that I don’t spend even a single cent, my clients always foot the bill. Besides being fun and interacting with different people, I also get good pay. Sometimes I make as much as $2,000 in one hour.

To me, being an escort is a dream come true. Since I joined this profession, I have never looked backed and wished I did something else. One question that most people always ask me (especially those who wish to join this industry) is my secret to success. If you want to be successful in this industry, you need to be committed to always give your clients the best. If you give your clients quality services that meet or even surpasses their expectations, they will most likely hire you again when they need escort services.

I value my clients and I always give them the quality services that they deserve. I get satisfied and happy when I see my clients smiling because they are happy and satisfied with the escort services that I have provided.

Another secret is taking good care of yourself. I love myself and always take good care of myself. When it comes to escort services, your looks is everything. If you are not attractive, you won’t appeal to clients. You have to ensure that you always look good and attractive.

The final and the most important thing is the chemistry that you establish with your clients. A client may pick you because of your looks but later drop you when he finds out that you are not compatible. So, besides being attractive, you need to know how to create chemistry with your clients. The chemistry that you establish with your client will determine how long they will stay with you and also whether they will hire you again.


All about London Escorts

From Bayswater, which is home to Kensington Gardens, to the depths of Riggs Moor, London is a paradise you will never want to let go. A visit to this beautiful city will always be welcome. But did you know that getting a little companionship will count during your trip? Now would be the best time for you to get a sexy blonde. Yes, London escorts are all you need.

Indeed, all you will want to do when in London is to relax, visit museums, and make love. It is at this point that an escort comes in handy. These professional high-end call girls will be ready to offer you company and sexual favors without too many commitments. As long as you get the right one, you will be good to go.

Choosing a professional escort could be a relatively daunting process, as it needs both caution and confidentiality. It is only through this that you will be sure of maintaining your status in society. Often, the battle is deciding between hiring from an agency and getting an independent one. Even without thinking twice, I would say those from agencies are the best bet. Here is why.

Why you should hire escorts from an agency

Various merits come with getting your escort from an agency. Unless you get conversant with these advantages, you could become vulnerable to the ills of the streets. Some of the top reasons to consider such agencies include the following.

  • Undoubtedly, you will always want to enjoy a sense of professionalism at all times. That is what you get from the agency. Usually, once you pick a girl, the agency will walk you through various guidelines that aim at keeping both parties satisfied. Moreover, the escorts will handle you with the care, respect, and professionalism you deserve—no instances of theft too.
  • Maximum privacy is your goal, and it is what you will get. Usually, you will be free to select your favorite girl, anonymously. You will handle everything through the website, and swiftly so. Remember, most of the girls here undergo vetting before they become part of the team. With this, there will be no reason for you to worry.
  • These agencies assure you of a broad range of selection. Whether you want to choose according to race, height, eye color, or even name, you will get what you need. With this variety, getting classy women becomes no hassle.

Benefits of hiring London Escorts

Before indulging in anything, you will always want to be sure of what you get in the long run. Will there be value for your money? Hiring an escort in London is a decision you can never regret. The process assures you of various benefits, including the following.

  • Enhanced flexibility, which allows you to explore different sexual fantasies
  • A relatively wide range of selection, making it easier to find a perfect match
  • You will be sure of a beautiful company wherever you go
  • There are no commitments, as it is purely business

As you look forward to having the best company in the city, whether in Chelsea, Knightsbridge, or Bayswater, these escorts should top your priorities. Take the time to find the right agency and choose a sexy model for yourself today.